D Day X-Frame Table

This industrial table was commissioned by a local marketing agency for their studio meeting room. The design was based on the historical barricades, named the Czech Hedgehog, of World War II used on the Normandy landings. It pays homage to all of the comrades who were fallen and victorious.

Client: Steel City Marketing, UK

Made: Early 2016

RSJ Table - Girder table
Scaffold Plank Furniture - Metal and Dust, Sheffield UK
RSJ Table - Scaffold Reclaimed Furniture - Handmade Sheffield
Scaffold Plank Furniture- Reclaimed Furniture maker Sheffield

The industrial style for this project was thoughtfully curated to aesthetically fit in the space it was destined to, an urban reclaimed warehouse style studio with brick and glazed walls and astroturf flooring.

Work began by building the industrial table top, fabricating the outer framework in box section steel gave a nice smooth edge and clean finish to the table. Acquiring a load of old scaffold planks to fit into the frame was next. After precise fitment into the frame, they were ready for a sand and a coat of poly oil. This is a hard wearing and re-coatable finish for high traffic areas.

Reclaimed Furniture maker Sheffield
RSJ Table - laser cut brand - Handmade Sheffield
RSJ Table - Reclaimed Furniture maker Sheffield

All of the scaffold planks are reclaimed and condemned from previous use. Each piece is full of character, sanding brings out beautiful grain structure and a silky smooth finish. The rustic finish on this top needed a set of equally industrial legs to sit on.

The construction of the legs began by sourcing a pair of redundant RSJ beams from the local scrap yard. Making the table in a modular form was critical to getting it into the space through a tight stairwell. After configuring the plan, we realised that by machining individual components on the milling machine, we were able to get a bolt together kit form table which nested together and created a structure which required no welding. All of the machining was done manually and in house, which included milling the slots for the individual leg sections, and getting to work on a threaded stainless stretcher bar. This was the final piece to the puzzle.

Once the machine work was completed, the final step was to assemble it all. We added some final aesthetic touches which included two laser cut logos inlaid flush to table top.

While the structure supported itself with the slots just fine, end plates were welded onto each of the legs to create a more completed aesthetic. They really finish off the industrial look to the table, they also prevent sharp edges digging into the floor they sit on.

Reclaimed Furniture - Modern interior Design - Sheffield
Industrial Furniture - Modern interior Design - Sheffield
Scaffold Furniture - Modern interior Design - Sheffield
Laser cut logo - Reclaimed Furniture maker Sheffield

This industrial table worked out great. We loved it, the client loved it and it will be around for many years to come. For more industrial and reclaimed furniture, check out the rest of my portfolio.

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