Nigel & Phillipa Wedding Swag

Design and fabricate unique and individual table decorations and altar surrounds bespoke wedding decoration.

Nigel and Phillipa, UK
Time scale – 1 Month
Budget – £1500

Nigel and Phillipa contacted me through a mutual friend and were looking for some bespoke metalwork for their wedding decorations. Nigel is an Architect, Phillipa a Doctor, and both have a strong passion for geometry. They approached me hoping for some personalised, geometry-inspired centre pieces to surround the floristry for their big day. We discussed potential ideas for their project and I obliged their request and got to work.

I sourced their preferred jars and built each bespoke sculpture around them. With no specific brief other than geometric forms, I decided to apply a secret mini-brief to design my sculptures around. Each sculpture was loosely based on a separate architectural precedent, creating a relationship between myself and the client, while also tying into my time at Architecture School.