Side by Side

I was commissioned to make a load of cool swag for the Side by Side studio.

Side by Side, Sheffield, UK
Time scale – approx. 4 weeks
Budget – For this job we exchanged skills, I made their studios a bit more bad ass and they gave me some sweet branding and this website you are reading now.

Back in late 2014, I was getting into Twitter and found the guys at Side by Side. A local design studio with a unique approach, great design skills and an eye for detail. A few months later we finally met for a brew and a chat. I was looking to update my branding and to upgrade my website, while they were planning an upgrade to their studio. A match made in heaven, right?

A match made in heaven, right? After decisions were made on what we both wanted and needed, I got to building their project whilst juggling a major project. I had a cable drum laying around that I’d been eyeing up for a while, so that went into making a meeting table for their studio, accompanied by a set of 6 adjustable Acrow stools.

A built in sunken ice bucket was added for the deadline party, atop which sat a lid that holds a lazy suzan style rotating glass table for 360º laptop viewing. Never has a table seen so much swag.


Additionally to these, a custom bookshelf was built from redundant scaffold planks to accommodate their awesome book collection.