Oil Drum Office Chair

The oil drum office chair is our response to using the waste section of one of our tall oil drum chairs. We make a lot of these mostly for use at shows and in home offices. Powder coated to any colour and surprisingly comfy!

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Made: Designed in 2016

Oil Barrel Office Chair

Oil drum chairs are high up in the industrial furniture trend and this one is quite extraordinary, as we’ve never seen one like it. And best of all, it was a design which happened to fall upon us.

After designing and making a number our short oil drum chairs, of which we can get two seats from one reclaimed oil barrel. ¬†We had more and more requests to make taller ones, as an alternative for dining chairs, so the requests were obliged. And soon enough, we ended up with a a load of barrel ends which looked a little bit like all our others, but with a missing part. Add a gas lift and a standard leg spider and you’ve got yourself a unique office chair.

Oil Barrel Office Chair
Oil drum office furniture
Oil Drum Office Chair

After cutting the top from one of our recycled oil barrels, it is sent to the powder coaters with it’s spider leg and coloured to custom specification. Once back from coating, the seat is then assembled and fitted with a tailored seat pad which has been stitched in house. We do many colours and fabrics but since we love reclaimed materials, most of the time we use recycled coffee sacks!

We have done seats in many shapes and sizes, and in many different colours with different logos on. They can be found in homes over the country, in exhibitions and showrooms featuring custom company logos, and they have been featured on BBC television’s RHS Tatton Park Flower Show and in Vogue Magazine.

RHS Tatton Park - Gold Winning Garden Chairs

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