James’ Breakfast Bar

This commission was to upgrade an open plan Kitchen/living area into a semi closed plan breakfast bar and peninsula.

Client – James the hairdresser, Sheffield, UK
Time – 3 weeks
Budget – £1k


Back when I used to get my hair cut, James was my regular hair dresser. We frequently spoke about modifications to his Kitchen, he eventually bit the bullet and we collaboratively planned and sized the project up. This was my first ‘proper’ sizeable commission in late 2013, I worked with a growing tool collection and an open sided workshop in mid-December (he didn’t know that, of course…but shh). I planned a double-level Kitchen island and breakfast bar combo. The project eliminated the need for a dining table in a small town flat, and provided concealment for his fridge.

Tidying and simplifying the space, while adding storage and an eating area. James wanted the reclaimed look to add style to his flat, so the project was made from 100% recycled materials. We struggled deciding on the best option for the fascia, so James pulled a printed photograph off his wall there and then, which happened to be just the right size to fill the gap, so we used that.

I now have long hair, so hopefully James is still enjoying the project today, but I can’t be sure.