Industrial Sideboard

This desk was commissioned for a local client to add a clean, crisp and modern feel to a home office. When combined with our custom Bespoke Ash Desk, his office was transformed.

Client: Arjunan, UK

Made: Early 2017

Design drawing - commission work - Metal & Dust, Sheffield UK
Design drawing - commission work sheffield
Steel Fabrication - Metal and Dust
Scaffold Plank Furniture - Metal and Dust, Sheffield UK
Planed wood - Woodworking services Sheffield

This industrial cabinet is one of our favourite projects to date. It features 100% reclaimed wood throughout, delicate and refined smoked glass cupboard doors and a tailored frame to fit its destination. The juxtaposition of the slimline steel box section framework against the natural rugged weathering of the scaffold planks works seamlessly.

Work started on this cabinet by fabricating the box section steel framework of the cabinet. We planned the cabinet out in every detail before jumping in blindly. This meant designing a 3D CAD model to make sure everything worked. The main reason for doing this was to make sure that the unit was going to fit the space allocated, and that we could order the glass without having to wait for it to be manufactured later on in the project.

Scaffold Plank Shelving - Metal and Dust Industrial Furniture
Industrial Cabinet Home Furniture - Metal and Dust
Scaffold Plank Cladding - Metal and Dust

Alongside fabricating the main framework, all of the reclaimed scaffold planks got resawed and planed down to half their thickness. This halves the amount of materials required, gives a delicate aesthetic and reduces weight, while maintaining rustic character in the piece.

It was important to get the timbers machined early in the project to allow the wood to move and dry out properly.

After fabrication work on the main framework was completed, the scaffold plank shelving and panelling was cut to fit all of the shelf rails and backers.

This allowed progress to be made on making some doors. Firstly, a pair of industrial steel framed door panels for the centre section. These are bolted on to the appropriate rails, which allowed the framework to be powder coated in our blackened steel finish before cladding with the rustic wood panelling.

Secondly, we started machining components from stainless steel on the milling machine and lathe to get the precise placement for the smoked glass doors, this was the most crucial part of the project. Consideration for clearance against all of the adjacent shelving, framework and welds was imperative to avoid binding or glass breakage, whilst maintaining a precisely central position in the aperture.

With our specialist UV bonding kit and training, the doors were aligned into their apertures and then permanently fixed into the framework.

This industrial sideboard was a real fun build but it did have us scratching our heads at times. The finished product was worth all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. Another heirloom piece of furniture which will be cherished for years to come (and make everybody jealous!).

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