Harrison Cameras

I was commissioned to design and build a reclaimed shop fitting for an independent camera store in Sheffield, specifically to hold their second hand stock and to represent that stock in its second hand nature.

From concept to completion 7 months (including design, meetings, manufacture and installation). Chequer plate floor – 1 week, Walling – 3 weeks, Shelving – 4 weeks, Counter – 4 weeks (time scales are approximate, excluding design stage)

Budget- Floor £1500 – Walling £4500 @ £50sqm – Shelving £3000 – Counter £3000

Be sure to check it out at Harrison Cameras, London Road, Sheffield, UK

With their second hand camera stock bursting out of the store cupboard, Harrison Cameras decided that their second hand section needed both expanding and modernising. They came to me looking to add a bit of reclaimed style to their camera shop to differentiate between their new camera stock and secondhand stock. So we met to discuss their requirements and I got to work designing.

After some ideas were drawn up, an online presentation was put together to share between the shop staff, to add personal ideas. A number of meetings with the whole team were held, and a thorough plan was put together. Costs were drawn up and the building commenced. 5 months later, the installation was complete and full of stock.

About 90 pallets, 40 scaffold planks and a whole bunch of steel was put together with glue, sweat and tears to create the industrial, second hand look for HC, and it looks badass.