Fiona Bar Stools

This commission was to provide high level seating round a breakfast bar for the whole family.

Client – Fiona & family, Northampton, UK
Time scale – 3 weeks
Budget – £200ea.

I received a website enquiry from Fiona, stating that she…“loves all my stuff and that she wanted a set of industrial bar stools making to seat herself, husband and two young children, what can I do?”

A number of emails and ideas later, I drew up a design that we both loved and got hunting for materials. I dived into scrap yards and building sites to find the materials I needed and got to the workshop.

The design developed on the way a little to get the seats just right. In the end I used redundant acrow props, decommissioned scaffold planks, worn out brake discs and whiskey barrel planks.

I added the option of adjustable height seat bases and seat backs to accommodate for both adults and children. This was achievable by some hand made wing nuts, because they don’t sell them large enough!


A nice little touch though, don’t you think?