Bespoke Ash Desk

This desk was commissioned for a local client to add a clean, crisp and modern feel to a home office. When combined with our custom Industrial Sideboard, his office was transformed.

Client: Arjunan, UK

Made: Early 2017

Bespoke Ash Desk - Hardwood Furniture Sheffield, UK
Metal and Dust Furniture - Contemporary Furniture Design
Flat plate leg frame - Steel leg fabrication, Sheffield, UK

This gorgeous slab of ash didn’t start out life being so pretty. As often the case with kiln dried timber, the lumber is prone to chip out and splitting. As with any natural material, this hardwood ash top tells a story of it’s past, the characteristic knots and cracking are part of the history of the piece, so we work with them, not around them.

Work started by milling the hardwood top into a manageable size and gluing it up to our agreed dimensions. The ash is so hard and difficult to sand, it was put through our drum sander to get it perfectly flat. This removes all of the chip out and gave us a good idea of how big the legs needed to be made.

Handmade Industrial Table - minimal contemporary furniture
Precision machinery - industrial design, Sheffield UK
High quality craftsmanship - Sheffield Furniture Makers

The drum sander makes light work of machining timber as hard as ash. This brought the desk down to size and allowed us to get cracking with the fabrication of the steel leg frame system.

After cutting flat steel plate into approximate sizes, precision slots and rebates were milled to keep the components square and in alignment. The pieces were then welded and checked for dimensions.

Once the bespoke steel legs were fabricated, work could start on cutting the ash table top to fit. To get a superior finish cutting the huge tenon, this meant taking the table to a friends workshop to use his big 5 head tenoner.

It was worth the trip down, as the tenon fits the steel plate legs perfectly. The last step for the table was to blacken the steel to give it an industrial look. We then sent it off to the powder coaters to get a clear coat finish. This makes the steel a smooth and clean to the touch and resistant to rust and wear.

Bespoke Ash Desk - Handmade Contemporary Furniture

The ash desk was then complete and installed in the clients home office. It looks beautiful and will be an heirloom for the family as it gets passed down.

Great project! I love it.