Useful Information:

How does it work?

It’s quite simple really, there are 4 ways of buying from us;

1 – Limited Editions: This is the section in the shop dedicated to selling the unique, one off projects that we build to our desire and love to build. Typically these don’t get reproduced, mostly because of the rarity of the materials used. They are usually shipped within working 3 days from purchase, as they are all ready to go.

2 – Made to Order: This is a section in the shop dedicated to selling our line of products that we can readily reproduce. It’s our bread and butter, fully customisable products to everyone; home owners / furniture lovers / commercial clients. Lead times for made to order stock vary, usual waiting times are between 4-6 weeks depending on our schedule. Peak times may be longer

3 – Ex Display: This is a section in the shop dedicated to selling off products that have got a little beaten up, are a little covered in dust or we are just ready to say goodbye to. It’s a place to find the odd bargain every once in a while, or your way to becoming part of the M&D story without having to break the bank as much. Be sure and check the listing to know exactly what you’re getting in for, these items are listed in the Ex Display category for a reason. We still want to sell you great stuff, it might just be stuff that tells more of a story than you’d expected. Orders are usually shipped within 3 working days, as they are all ready to go.

4 – Commission: The best way to get exactly what you want, commission us. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Want something different altogether? Not sure if it’s even possible? We get these requests all the time, and we love fulfilling them. The best part of our business comes from commission orders, where we figure out a problem and deliver it through a one off piece of furniture/art. Usual lead times vary greatly, and are job specific. Contact us to get a better idea on time frames.

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Our delivery options are quite complex, and with good reason. Every single item we sell is a different size, shape, weight and type, so each product has a different shipping category, cost and restricted zone. To give you a rough idea, some guidelines are below;

Small items: Most of the time, these will fit into a standard Royal Mail parcel size. So for that reason, it’s a pretty straight forward task to send these anywhere in the World we need to. This covers us up to 20kg in weight, so prices vary dependant on weight. We always ship items Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For®. This guarantees you the goods, and us the security.

Large items: Large items include furniture items, artworks, oil drums and heavy items. Chances are we are going to ship these via Pallet Freight with our courier. Now, this adds a huge variation of options in itself;

Put simply, pallets come in little, large and ginormous, each priced differently, and each able to handle a different number of items. We try and get the best for you, while being most feasible at your end (sometimes a pallet delivery is best done when you get it off at the other end!). E.g. If you want 4 oil drum seats, and it looks like you’re going to get charged £150† for it to get to you, chances are that the system is charging you for 2 small pallets and is priced way too high, we can arrange a larger pallet to fit them all on one to get that right back down to where its affordable.

† – zone specific

We ship pallets throughout the whole of the UK and Europe, so if you’ve fallen in love with a piece of furniture, but want it it your villa in Spain then we are more than happy to send it there.

Local Delivery: There are times when organising a pallet or parcel is just unnecessary. When you live just the other side of town, or it’s going to cost a fortune to take it a few miles up the street, chances are we are more likely to stick it in the van and bring it to you ourselves. We don’t make any money from shipping items to you, but it saves us a lot of time from running up and down the country, so if you’re local enough we’re more than happy to deliver by hand and give you a lift at the other end for a smaller cost than what you’d otherwise be getting.

Hammocks: Hammocks come into a category of their own, they definitely won’t fit in a Royal Mail parcel, they won’t fit on a large pallet, but they do just about squeeze into our van. We are currently hand delivering hammocks within a 40 mile radius of Sheffield, give or take a few. If you’re in that band, great, we’ll just charge you based on putting it on a pallet. If you’re not, it’s not the end of the World! If you really want one, it’s not impossible to get one sent out on a dedicated delivery service, it might just cost a bit. Not put off yet? Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to get one to you as cheaply as possible.

Can I collect?: Yep. If you’re close enough to smell the sawdust, then you’re more than welcome to come and pick up your items. Just make sure that it’s actually ready before coming to pay us a visit, we will still be working on the same lead times of around 4-6 weeks.

Where is the shop?

Well, you’re kind of here. There is no “shop”, per se. We have no brick and mortar show room that you can come and take a look around, and since most of our work is made to order chances are that there wouldn’t be much to see anyway!

That being said, if you’ve seen something you like in the limited editions, want to get a better idea of our capabilities, want to come and see where stuff is made, we allow people to visit strictly via appointment only. Get in touch to discuss your needs, and we’ll sort you out.