Metal and Dust was founded in 2014 and is the brainchild of Jack, ex-architecture graduate.

Metal and Dust are bespoke furniture makers with a passion for quality, precision and interior design. We are always looking to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing. We continue to develop our designs until they meet our high standards and we strive to better ourselves by learning new techniques. And we acquire the latest machinery to do so.

All of our work is made by hand in the City of steel, Sheffield, UK.

Extraordinary requests are encouraged, over 80% of our work is commission based, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, chances are we can do it. Send us a sketch or some ideas over, and we’ll take a look at your project. We love doing things that are different! 

Handmade craft - Fabricating the oil drum seats
Rustic Spring Stools - Scaffold Plank Seat
Workshop - Sheffield Made in England
Why CHOOSE Metal and Dust?

At Metal & Dust, we have a passion for exquisite craftsmanship, designs that push the boundaries and mixing materials old and new to create fabulous pieces of furniture. We work mostly with reclaimed materials that tell stories of their past to create unique pieces of art. Most of our work is made bespoke to clients specifications. We find ourselves growing in directions that we hadn’t expected and making some extraordinary pieces. We have even delved into the depths of interior art works and sculpture for weddings.

Box Section Furniture - Glass Cabinet
Custom Oil Drum Seats and Table - Oil Drum Furniture
Why “Metal and Dust”?

The name Metal & Dust is a philosophical approach to the materiality and our company ethos of reclaiming old materials and their end result. I felt that Metal and Dust represented the remnants of what would be left after each piece lived their long lives. So, its sort of an implication of everlasting/well made furniture, made from reclaimed materials that have been saved from salvage.


At the time of writing this, Metal & Dust is solely Jack Green. Founder of M&D and craftsman of all the work featured around the site. The term ‘we’ gets used a lot around here, as it pays thanks and respect to all those who have helped and continue to help Metal & Dust grow, the brand wouldn’t be where it’s at today without all of the family members, friends, tutors and mentors who have taught, fought and commissioned works from us. Whilst M&D works well with just Jack, and will continue to do so, it doesn’t mean we aren’t looking to expand the team to bring in new talents and a fresh pair of eyes. If you/or you think you know anyone with potential to join the team, send them over to www.metalanddust.co.uk/jobs/ and one might turn into two!

Website photography courtesy of Alexandra Wallace, freelance lifestyle and fashion photographer. If you need to commission any photo work, head over to see what it’s all about and you’ll not be disappointed!