Make: Reclaimed Coffee Table

After fabrication of the legs was complete, I stripped all the legs down to bare metal.

A sand and polish for a clean look, followed by a coat of clear finishes them off nicely.

All fixed to the table and ready to go. The table top has been sanded down to a glassy finish and then coated with food friendly matt finish oil.

If you’d like it, or one similar, check the Shop or drop me an enquiry.

Make: Reclaimed Coffee Table

I’ve been fabricating the legs for the reclaimed coffee table out of scrap steel. After deciding on a suitable position for them, I recessed the tops to get a snug fit with the rebate on the underside of the tabletop.

Fixing methods were then decided. For concealed fasteners, I needed access through the feet so holes were drilled for the purpose. The feet were then welded up. Looking promising.