Wirksworth Art Festival

Hey guys,

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks building up for Wirksworth Art Festival, which has just passed. It’s been hard, but had loads of things made and I have had a great weekend meeting new people and talking about lots of cool stuff. Love it! Great to meet you all and thanks for all your kind words and support. See you next year and be sure to keep an eye on the blog!


Make: Oil Drum Seats

Another project in the lineup. I acquired a pair of these oil drums recently, and have decided their fate after some consideration.

I wanted to get two chairs from a single barrel for less waste, so there will be a set of four. I rolled some angle iron on a section roller then drilled and tapped the holes to bolt to the barrel. Didn’t want to ruin the surprisingly neat paintwork with weld!

I then set about a base for the seat, so glued up some pallet wood and cut it down to fit. After some sanding the pallet wood comes out well. A hole was bored so that the lid is removable. The chairs have storage underneath this way.

Just some back rests and upholstery to finish. Nice!

Make: Wrought Iron Railings

I’ve been working on this railing commission for the last few weeks, she’s a big one! Sitting at 8.1m we’ve got some thinking to do regarding transport.

These railings are fabricated to match existing on location. Just waiting to go and do some scrolls at the forge and it’ll be out the door.

Sure is taking up some shop space!