Industrial Table Fabrication

I’ve been working on some bigger projects lately, these would certainly come under the heavy category!

Some heavy duty industrial table legs made from scrap girders, bespoke made to slot together and bolt up with a steel stringer bar. A reclaimed wood top capped with C-section steel with mitred corners finish the project well.

Check back to see the finished product soon!

Restoration of a 4-Jaw Chuck

I think it’s time for some long-awaited blog updates, don’t you think!

This is a little restoration project on an old lathe chuck I found earlier this year.

You come across some good finds at the scrap heap, but I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this filthy 4-Jaw sitting there.

Rusty Chuck

It’s not currently a looker, but for under £10 it was definitely worth a shot.

I got it back to the workshop and got some degreaser and a wire wheel out. A total strip down and rebuild brought it up well!

Just needs a backplate mounting to use on the Colchester lathe!


Workshop Progression

We’ve been very busy at M&D HQ lately, lots of ongoing projects for customers and ourselves, so not had much chance to keep the blog updated. Apologies!

Here is some of the progress we’ve been making on the shop. Looking awesome with some new roller doors. They have already made a huge difference and have only been on a week. Good times.

We are still ongoing with the monster clear out of the workshop, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Construction work is currently ongoing, so we’ll try and keep you updated of the progress.

Thanks for looking!


Some material

I was out about town last week and saw this stack of oil barrels sitting outside a warehouse, so went to enquire of their future, as you do.

The guys at Pentag Gears are a really nice group and took great delight in showing me their machinery and some of their work. They have also become a source of oil drums. So thanks to all at Pentag for helping me out, if I ever need some gears, I know where to go!

Anyone for an oil drum chair?

Make: Wrought Iron Railing Project (Finale)

Well, the Wrought Iron Railing Project is coming to a close. The railings have been fitted and are looking well.

We had a large team on the job for the fit as we decided to lift the railing in one section, rather than cut it up. Really pleased with how the project turned out.

A huge thank you to all the guys who helped out on the project from the drawings to the concrete.


Making Some Modifications

I was asked if my oil drum seating could be used outside. Well, the oil barrels have lived outdoors for the most of their life, but with the bare steel exposed to the British weather I was worried about the longevity of the barrels. So I have been making some modifications to some seating.

Firstly, the bases have been removed allowing water to escape. Then some seam sealer and paint should keep the rust at bay, I think the finish looks even better. Just to refit the wood and put some seals on the edging to complete.

Reclaimed Brick Flooring Competition

Well, I’ve had a fun day dressing bricks for a reclaimed floor. Tiresome and repetitious but quite therapeutic and the efforts should pay off with the finish product.

All of the bricks came from a renovation project down the road of an estimated 1930’s building. If walls could talk, hey!


A small experimental competition of guess the number;

Q: How many bricks did I dress and stack today?

The closest guess to the number wins a free personalised tag, or a brick. Your choice! (The budget doesn’t stretch very far on this one, but they’re pretty cool prizes in my opinion!)

Click the post and leave a reply in the comment section to submit your answer!

Hand made tags
Hand made tags