Jack Green

Metal & Dust was founded in 2014 by me, Jack Green, with the occasional help of my friends, family and dogs.

I’ve been doing and making for most of my life, you can check out my most recent projects on my instagram.


About me

I am a doer, a mender and a maker. I have always been better at physical activities over academic ones. It was a long discovery learning this, going from one subject to another in education to realise that I’ve been doing the physical part all along in my spare time! I grew up on a working farm and with a very practical family. We were always in the workshop mending things and I was forever building things in my Grandad’s garage in younger years.

I recently graduated in BA(Hons) Architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University. I learned loads of useful things, gained many useful skills and can sure work my way around a computer! But being stuck indoors for the three years really got to me (this was the point I realised). I had been planning on setting up my own business for the latter part of the three years of study and have been doing that ever since I finished.

I love working with metal and wood. But I really dislike the wasteful attitude of today’s society, so it is my aim to use as many second hand materials and salvage to create beautiful pieces of furniture. I also find that the aged wood and metal have more of a story to tell anyway.
I like finding beauty in redundant material.